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Working on a client engagement that includes the challenges of transitioning planning for partners in their early 60s, I have been developing a  series of "Legacy exercises."  The Legacy Bucket is one of the "5 Buckets" at the core of our *Next Generation, Next Destination* assessments.
Ideally everyone by age 50 should be thinking about legacy. Starting earlier is even better, but busy people, unless they are involved in philanthropy in a big way through their adult life, tend not to think about legacy. To some it conjures up something related to the end of life - but really it is much more than that. Legacy is about work, family, friends, causes, mentoring - what one passes on to the next generations in as broad a sense as you would like to think about it. It is certainly about more than money or a financial legacy. Primarily it is about values and about continual learning.
So here are some questions to begin thinking about.


Boomer Partner Quiz for Firms

There is no denying the inevitable. Is your firm ready to cross "The Boomer Bridge"? There are a lot of Baby Boomers creeping up to what is traditionally considered retirement age, and some of them don't want to let go and go. Others have been working a lot of hours for many years, and would be happy to cut back. Often there is no choice other than working full out 24/7 or leaving.

The issues relate to inter-generational relations in the workplace as well as personal transitional planning. Most firms have no process in place for transitioning planning and achieving a win-win for both the individuals and the firm. Is your firm prepared? Here's a short quiz. http://www.pdcounsel.com/BoomerQuiz.html

Phyllis Weiss Haserot

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