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Dear friends, clients, colleagues and valued networks,

2016 will be a momentous year!!!

Make it so for you.

* The presidential campaigns will finally be over.

* So will “Downton Abbey.”

* The Mets will win the World Series (OK, don’t hold me to this wishful thinking).

* My book “You Can’t Google it!: The Compelling Case for Cross-Generational Conversation @ Work” will be finished.

What momentous things do you have in store? Go for it!!!

Wishing you a spectacular 2016 of good health, joy, fulfillment and prosperity. 

May it surpass your expectations!


Phyllis Weiss Haserot   www.pdcounsel.com


Elevate into 2015!!!
It’s been a great year… and 2015 will be even better! Not just because I am a congenital optimist (guilty!), but also because we have a clear purpose and you in my life supporting that purpose.
Spark the New Year right off with some great cross-generational conversation with your clients, colleagues, family and friends. Stay on our journey.
With many thanks for your friendship, confidence and trust, wishing you
Health, peace, joy and fulfillment in 2015
Keep doing great, meaningful work, having fun and spreading joy!



Continuing a 25-year tradition, we have made a donation to City Harvest in the name of our clients, referrers, advocates and dedicated colleagues.  We support City Harvest’s efforts to “rescue” high quality and nutritious food from restaurants and other sources that would otherwise go to waste and distribute it to those in need of food.

 To you who are much more fortunate, I wish these invaluable intangibles:

Health, peace, joy and fulfillment in 2015

With many thanks for your friendship, confidence and trust to:

my wonderful current and past clients,the Cross-Generational Conversation Day Planning Committee, the Cross-Generational Conversation group members on LinkedIn, my Mastermind Group, social media followers, my great friends and family – and of course, you, my valued readers.

Spark the New Year right off with some great cross-generational conversation. Let us know how it changes your perspective and how you want to connect to others. What new challenges will you take on? What problem are you determined to solve? What new skill or knowledge will you acquire? What knowledge will you pass on to a younger or older colleague?

Keep doing great, meaningful work, having fun and spreading joy!




One workplace reporting relationship that used to be fairly rare is older workers reporting to younger managers. This is a growing phenomenon and will become more prevalent until the younger Boomers stop working in any form. As Boomers transition from leader and top expert roles to new roles that allow the next generations to move up the ladder, we will see what traditionally have been unconventional structures.

Though some people deal with it well, in many cases at best it is awkward, at least at first. At worst, it has led to a lawsuit. But serious tensions and confrontations can be avoided.

Both the younger and the older parties to the relationship can feel uncomfortable. A new young manager may feel insecure and even intimidated. An older team member can be unsure of how to react as well.  Having worked extensively with all the generations, I will offer some tips in a 2-part blog post.

In this first piece, here are some guidelines for the older subordinate.

  • Establish common goals. Focus on the purpose of your work.
  • Be open to new ideas and methods. Don’t obsess on differences in how you were taught, what always has served you as the best method, or whether the manager has preconceived notions about how you think and operate.
  • Be generous about giving advice – when asked. Create a non-threatening environment so you will be asked. Don’t be pedantic about advice and unsolicited opinions.
  • Seek out younger co-workers, and learn from them in a mentoring partnership.
  • Find opportunities to disprove myths and perceptions of older workers.
  • Be appreciative of how your young manager gives you support and provides tools to allow you to achieve top results.
  • Be clear about preferred communication styles and media and about appropriate boundaries.
  • Identify the younger manager’s motivations.
  • Be appreciative of recognition you are given, and reciprocate.

These tips will help start the relationship off on an even keel and minimize expending of negative emotional energy.

Next up: what the younger manager can do to build a collaborative and non-threatening environment.

Phyllis Weiss Haserot    www.pdcounsel.com

NEW YEAR CHALLENGE FOR CHANGE - Action and Reinvention

Being both future-oriented and an optimist, each year I send a new year’s message. This year, it’s by way of a video, Challenge for Change in 2011.  See it here.  You can also read it below.

 Join me in my wish for a healthy, peaceful, prosperous, fulfilling and joyous year for all of us.              Phyllis

 Challenge for Change in 2011

 Last year my New Years message was the Gandhi quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”                                                                                                                                                                          For For 2011, when we seem surrounded by political gridlock and angst, I send forth the words of President John F. Kennedy:  “There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long term risks and costs of comfortable inaction.”

 I ask you to think about that and how it applies to your life and work. What are you holding back, not acting on, cocooned in your comfort zone when you know you need to be leading or participating in change?

 Now is the time!

 Wishing you a spectacular New Year – all  year!                                                                                      

  Phyllis Weiss Haserot



 I am thrilled to invite you to visit Practice Development Counsel’s newly designed and reoriented web site at  www.pdcounsel.com . With exciting new content added to the existing meaty resources, it is the premier site for solutions to multi-generation challenges in the workplace and how seeing issues through a generational lens can help to achieve better productivity, personnel and client retention, succession planning and business development results.


Over the years my practice has evolved with a generational diversity perspective from a primary focus on business development and marketing to incorporate a strong dose of organizational effectiveness. Our aim is to connect those streams on the site. I invite you explore, learn, ask questions and contribute your thoughts. And pass the URL (www.pdcounsel.com ) on to anyone you think it can help with their workplace challenges.


I’m very happy with the vibrancy of the site, which reflects my passion for color, lively environments, and provocative commentary. Enormous thanks to web designer and developer Josette Dewey of Sheffield Media Group for her talent, patience and persistence in dealing with such a huge amount of inter-related content to produce a cohesive, attractive, easily navigated site. She is a joy to work with!


Phyllis Weiss Haserot    www.pdcounsel.com


Welcome new year two thousand nine

Will you be our valentine?

Optimists come out from hiding

We’re all ready for glad tidings

Take a break from blogs and tweeting

Get set to take a facetime meeting

As in the ballpark give a cheer

And join with us for an upbeat year


Phyllis Weiss Haserot and Richard T. McDermott    www.pdcounsel.com

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